How Can Change Be Permanent

by SheriAllan on September 9, 2008

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John McCain wants to make George Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy permanent.  It is the centerpiece of his economic prescriptions.  This fact alone should be enough to wipe that newly appropriated word “change” out of his lexicon.  Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden should drop any notice of the hypocrisy and flip-flops on earmarks, experience, and family values represented by the Sarah Palin selection and focus squarely on the fact that John McCain does not support a single proposal for the economy that is different from the economic policy of George Bush.

Barack Obama has an economic plan that gets more money ($1,000) in the hands of middle class families to stimulate the economy and create jobs in the short term and makes needed investments in the economy of the future with support for college education, worker retraining and investments in renewable energy.

John McCain wants to make George Bush’s tax cuts, and the rest of his economic proposals, permanent. 

Instead of moving from issue to issue and argument to argument, Barack Obama needs to find at least a half dozen different ways to make this point.  He should try logic, rhetoric, humor, ridicule, analogy, and personalization.  Whatever different ways there are to say, “McCain wants to make GEORGE BUSH’S ECONOMIC POLICY PERMANENT” he should use.  

Voters want change, especially when it comes to the economy.  This fueled Obama’s rise in the polls and more recently McCain has seen a bump in the polls by claiming the word “change” in his Republican nomination acceptance speech.  But on the central issue in this campaign, the economy, there is not a single policy of the current president that McCain would change.  In fact he wants to make one of the most disastrous aspects of current policy P-E-R-M-A-N-E-N-T.    

Question:  How many Republican politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer:  Change?  Don’t make me laugh!  John McCain wants to make George Bush’s economic policy permanent.

However false the claim, Republicans have learned that repetition can win arguments – witness the constant repetition of the statement that Obama will raise taxes.  The truth is Obama has a plan to give 95 percent of American families a $1,000 tax cut.  Obama needs to repeat this fact at least 1000 times to be sure everyone knows it.  And he needs to place just as many repetitions behind the simple statement that although McCain has said he wants to change Washington, there is not a single George Bush economic policy that McCain would change.  In fact, just like President Bush, McCain wants to make the central Bush economic policy, the tax cut for millionaires that has exacerbated income inequality, increased the budget deficit, and slowed economic growth, permanent. Permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent, permanent.

We think you get the idea.

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